Why Are We Doing This?

    Why are we doing this?
    1. You have provided content to Social Media Websites for free for too long.  Sure they will argue that, “You’re getting a FREE service, so that’s the price you pay!”  OK, fine but we disagree.
    2. Whey you view a banner Advertisement or “Click” on an Ad, the company presenting that Ad makes a LOT of money.  Money earned by them from your value as a consumer.  A click could be worth $1.00, $5.00, $10.00 or MORE for them- NOT YOU.  We believe that you should make 80% of that- After all it is your value as a consumer that is important!
    3. Advertisers play commercials on TV and now on the internet.  Unfortunately, many of them are terrible.  You can help.  Advertising agencies and Companies can post their commercial here, on BonzoME, and get your opinion about them before they make the big financial commitment to air it everywhere and before they make a huge mistake.  The commercials are directed to you based on your information you provided.  The advertisers targets their audience based on that information, so the more information you enter about yourself in BonzoME, the more commercials they will ask you your opinion about and the more you will make.
    4. We see ourselves as a vehicle or an agent for you.  We represent you, link you and your artistic creations to Advertisers who want to tag along.  We represent you and your power as a consumer and connect you with those who want your opinion.