What can you do on BonzoME?

    What can you do on BonzoME?
    1. Post videos and pictures and get 80% of all the Advertising revenue generated by your post- Basically you will be making money for your posts.
    2. Post videos and pictures to either just your friends (your BonzoME network) or to everyone along with a question for them to answer.  You chose the question and you chose the options for the answers.  No more negative or nasty comments.  They can only answer your question with the choices you selected.  We call this “Bonzoing” or polling your friends and other BonzoME users.
    3. Watch videos/commercials posted by Advertisers and Companies.  You get paid for watching and then answering a question or two of theirs.  The amount they are willing to pay you for your opinion is listed below the video.  Then, promote that video to your friends via Facebook and Twitter.  Your friends get paid to watch too but you also get paid for promoting it to them.  You also get paid for any friends whom your friends also invite to watch that video that you promoted.  Essentially, you become a promoter for that company as well as being a part of a very large focus group.  This provides valuable consumer insight to the company or Advertising agency who posted the video.

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