How do I use Bonzo Me?

    First, open an account either via the App or the browser. (download the App from your App store or go to http://app.bonzome.com )

    Next, answer a few questions about yourself.  The more questions that you answer, the more commercials that will be directed to you based on your preferences, then the more money you can make by having advertisers promote their commercials to you and ask your opinion about them.

    Then, watch the commercials, answer a few questions about them, make money for your opinion and then promote that commercial to your friends via Facebook, Twitter or Email.  They will make money for watching but you will also make money for promoting it to them.

    Then, post cool videos and pictures and ask clever or funny questions.  When your posts become popular, advertisers will start running ads on them.  Then, you will start making money off of your posts.

    When will Ads start running on my posts?

    Advertisers will start running Ads on posts that are trending well.  Once lots of users start to view your posts, Advertisers will start running Ads on them and you will start making money.  If you only have 10 or 20 people viewing your post, then you won’t attract an advertiser to your post and you won’t make money off of it.

    What can you do on Bonzo Me?

    1. Post videos and pics and get paid up to 80% of all the ad revenue generated by your posts- MAKE MONEY FOR YOUR POSTS

    2. Post videos and pics to your friends or to everyone along with questions for them to answer. No one can comment but can only answer your question based on the answer choices you came up with thus you are polling or “Bonzoing” your friends or everyone for their opinions.

    3. Watch videos/commercials and get paid for watching and answering a question or two (the amount you will be paid will be shown). Then promote that commercial to your friends. They get paid for watching it and you get paid for promoting it to them. Also, you get paid for any friends whom your friends invited to watch the commercial. Essentially you become part of a very large focus group giving valuable consumer insight to the company posting the commercial.

    How else can I make money?

    Now you can also make money by getting businesses to advertise on BonzoMe.  Simply find a company and tell them to run commercials or Ads on BonzoMe.  When they do, you will make 10% of the entire Ad campaign for the referral.  Just make sure that they use your name when they run the Ad.  So, if it is a $100,000 campaign, you would make $10,000!

    How do you get paid?

    Once you have at least $10 in your account, you can transfer it to PayPal and withdraw it.

    Why haven’t I made money from my posts yet?

    Advertisers advertise when posts are popular. You need to post cool things and get lots of views to have any Ad revenue generated by your post. Just posting a pic of your dog probably won’t get the interest of an advertiser unless it goes viral. So, post cool pics and videos, then wait for Advertisers to latch onto them (we will help you with that).

    How can I grow my BonzoMe Network?

    You can grow your network on BonzoMe by posting and sharing any Bonzo Me post with your friends via your Facebook timeline, via your Twitter feed or by inviting them via Email (easy links to do so are at the bottom of every Bonzo Me post).  When they click on the link, they are immediately added to your friend network.  You can also do the same with posts that other BonzoMe users or companies put up.  Share those posts with your friends and they will be added to your network if they open up the link.

    I don’t see my post in Trending

    When you uploaded the video or picture did you select public or private?

    If you selected private then it will only be visible to your BonzoME friend network (build your network by inviting friends through FB and TW).  If you wish to change from private to public, then go to your uploads and edit that posting.

    If you selected public and you don’t see them yet, there can be two reasons:

    1. The server has not had a chance to post them yet

    2. The trending is based on number of users viewing the post and it can be in there somewhere but hard to find.  Give it time and it will filter through the rankings.  Once you get enough views, advertisers will start posting ads on your videos.  When they do you will make up to 80% of all the Ad revenue generated by your post.

    I’ve posted but I’m not making any money yet, Why?

    When you post videos and pictures people start to watch or view them.

    Once a post becomes popular, Advertisers will start to place Ads under your posts.

    When they do, you will make up to 80% of all the Advertising revenue generated by your post.  So, post cool or funny things so that lots of people will want to watch them.

    You can also make money by watching commercials posted by advertisers (they have the amount you will earn listed under them).

    When you watch one, answer the questions and you will get paid.  When you invite your friends to watch a commercial and join your BonzoME network, you will get paid for each of your friends who watches… so it adds up fast.

    It does take time for a post to start making money, so you need to be patient.

    So, post cool or funny videos and pics, invite all your friends to join your network and you will start making money.

    I’m sharing videos with my friends but I’m not seeing any money in my promotions, Why?

    Currently our system only gives you an update on how much you’ve earned from promotions when each advertising campaign has ended.  Once it ends you will see all the money you made from promoting that commercial to your friends.  We are working on a system that will give you an estimate as to how much you have earned to date but that is still in development.

    I posted a video but the thumbnail picture is blank or not what I wanted for the post, Why?

    Currently we only offer control over thumbnails to advertisers via the advertiser’s portal when they post commercials.

    The system takes the first frame of the video and uses that as the thumbnail.  You can change your videos and place the frame you want at the beginning.

    Most users won’t ever see it when playing your video.

    Do I have to register via the App or can I do it on my computer?

    1. Go to: http://app.bonzome.com on your computer

    2. Open an account

    3. Answer the questions

    4. Link it to your Facebook or Twitter account (this proves you are who you say you are)- this is very easy to do… just have FB or TW open in another window and click to link

    5. Post videos and pictures, put a question with some funny answer choices

    6. Wait for BonzoME users to start viewing

    7. Once enough like it, advertisers will latch onto your post and start advertising on it

    8. Then you make up to 80% of all the revenue generated by your posts

    What is posting to Public vs Private?

    When you post to Public you are posting to everyone on Bonzo Me.  This is desirable if you are looking to make money off of your posts.  You could attract many viewers and then start making money off of that post.  When you post to Private, you are posting to your Bonzo Me friend network only and you will not make money unless you have lots of friends in your network.