• Are you interested in reaching consumers?
    • Are you interested in targeting specific demographic groups?
    • Would you like to spread your message via social media?
    • You can do all those things using BonzoME
    • We call what we do: Social Crowd Advertising: Using Social media and crowd sourcing to push a message.

    How can we reach consumers?

    Two ways:

    1. Targeted advertising to specific demographic groups of consumers via banner ads tagged to content created by BonzoME users.
      • There is a per impression fee or per block of impressions
      • There is a per click fee (with a click through to your landing page)
    2.  Commercials posted directly by you (Advertising Agency, Media Buyer or even directly by the Company or marketing division)
      •  Open an Advertisers account (you will need a Facebook or Twitter account)
      • Select start a New Campaign
      • There, you will:
        • Select a campaign name,
        • Select the target demographics,
        • When you want the campaign to go live,
        • Upload the video or commercial,
        • Select the question(s) you wish to ask along with the choices for the answers.
        • Select the size of the audience and the amount you wish to spend on the campaign.
      • The system will then tell you how much each user will be paid to view the video and answer your question(s).
      • Once we receive your payment, the campaign can go live.

    To Request an Advertiser’s account, please follow:

    1) Go to and login
    2) Follow the instructions after login for requesting accessing to the advertiser’s portal.